The Timmons family farm

In 1855, Laurence Timmons is the occupier of14 acres of land in Knockerk.  Laurence was renting the land from a Mr. James O’Brien.

In 1861, the occupancy of this farm passed from Laurence to his son James (29), suggesting Laurence had passed away.

Around the same time, James O’Brien sold the land to a Captain Leslie.

James Timmons, with his farm behind him, is now a very good catch. He catches the eye of young Catherine Walsh and they are married in Slane on 8 June 1863.

James’ best man is Thomas Curtis, and Catherine’s bridesmaid is (presumably her new sister-in-law) Jane Timmons.

James and Catherine Timmons start a family straight away, having 5 daughters:

  • Bridget Timmons, born 8 April 1864
  • Julia Timmons, born 6 June, 1866
  • Mary Anne Timmons, born 18 March, 1868
  • Margaret Timmons (Joseph’s grandmother), born 10 April, 1870
  • Catherine (‘Kate’) Timmons, named after her mother, born 18 April, 1872

Very sadly, on 15 June 1872, James Timmons passes away, having endured a fever for one week, and having run the farm for only 12 years, leaving behind his wife and 5 daughters, aged from 9 down to 2. He is only 40 years old. A Patrick Timmons is with him when he dies, his brother perhaps?

The occupancy of the farm now passes to his widow, Catherine.

Catherine, no doubt under great stress, had a very difficult question to answer – who now would run the family farm?